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A Breath of Fresh Ayr Ayr

If the thought of spending a few quiet hours relaxing under an elm tree in the midst of a scenic park appeals to you, then consider a day trip to the lovely village of Ayr. Lovely is probably the best word I can use to describe Ayr. Officially still a village with only 3500 permanent residents (but growing), many of the local area heritage homes have either been restored, or better still, never let go.

Bayfield - Blues, Boats and Beautiful Bayfield

Bayfield, a small historic village on the shore of Lake Huron, combines the old fashioned charm of a quaint country town with modern day amenities. MacLean's Magazine described Bayfield as "Paradise Found", while Harrowsmith Country Life magazine votes Bayfield "one of the 10 prettiest towns in Canada".

Celebrate New Hamburg's Heritage

On this lightly over-cast Sunday afternoon, driving west along Hwy 8 towards Stratford, we decide to stop in the little town of New Hamburg for a short while. Well, a short while turned into an afternoon. Though today the weather is brisk, the New Hamburg atmosphere is warm and inviting. The Nith River twists through the center of town, linking three parklands where residents and visitors stroll, picnic and watch the white and black swans along the river banks.

Point Pelee

Situated along the beautiful Lake Erie, Point Pelee is notable for being the most southern point in mainland Canada. As such, the area benefits greatly from the resulting milder winters and longer growing seasons in summer. Point Pelee National Park, where the tip or point is actually located, has been a protected nature preserve since 1918. At that time, much of the park was inhabited by hunters and farmers, known as The Pointers.

Winnipeg - Finding Harmony and History The Forks - Winnipeg

Recently, the first leg of a lengthy western Canada tour involved a welcomed one day stop over in the lovely city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The challenge would invariably rest on picking the selected attractions that would distill the essence of the city, but still provide enough leisure time to enjoy the day.

Calgary - The Devil Went Down... The Calgary Tower

Calgary is simply a great city. Ask anyone who has ever lived there. Visit once and you'll wonder why anyone would ever leave. Attractions throughout the city appeal to every interest. Calgary is also home to some of the finest natural areas within a city anywhere in North America. And Calgary is clean! I've never seen any city as clean Calgary. Much of the downtown core is new, having been built during the 1970's oil boom.

Beautiful British Columbia

This year's adventure was to beautiful British Columbia. We kicked off our trip in Kelowna where my brother lives, and then spent the next couple of weeks touring as much of the province as possible. Discovering the essence of each city while on a tight schedule would prove to be a challenge.

Japan - Yakitori Shacks and Cold Coffee

There's a path that leads around the steam vents going up to a small shack where one can buy black duck eggs cooked in the hot springs. The water appears to be boiling; the fumes here are strong. Warning signs in both Japanese and English caution you to stay away from the fumaroles because of the danger of burns and toxic gas. Legend says these eggs are special and will add seven years to your life for every egg eaten.


Though not part of Ontario, Hawai'i is a beautiful place to visit, as I did for our 25th wedding anniversary. This Hawaiian site was my first web-site and I include it here as a tribute to how this all started. Surf on over. You'll find lots of tips and other useful information about Maui, Kauai and O'ahu.

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