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Cooling Off

Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday and join in the refreshing fun at Bingemans! A great place to wind down and cool off with waterslides, wavepool, mini-golf, bumper boats, beach volleyball and more... but need we SAY more?

Bingeman's Park

Year-Round Entertainment

Sportsworld is open year round for family entertainment. Our indoor attractions include the region's largest indoor golf driving range, batting cages, higher ground rock climbing centre, arcade, indoor go karting action in our speedway, and Moose Winooski's and Outback restaurants.


Sportsworld Kitchener
African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. Our manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.

African Lion Safari

Ski Chicopee

Join the adventure on the slopes this winter at Chicopee, southern Ontario's great family ski & snowboard centre. A retreating glacier carving through Waterloo Region almost 12,000 years ago created the hills. The Chicopee Ski Club was established in 1934, providing winter recreation on 165 acres. Chicopee is a good time. Guaranteed.

Ski Chicopee

Hot Air Ballooning
Kitchener Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is truly a breathtaking experience. The adventure begins at daybreak or shortly before sunset when the air is cool and calm. Imagine the thrill of rising silently above the earth and drifting gracefully through the sky.

Sundance Balloons
Balloon Adventures

Swimming Pools
KW Swimming Pools

The Waterloo Swimplex is a verstatile facility designed for both professional and leisure use, catering to every level of athlete. In Kitchener. the award winning Lyle S. Hallman Pool is free form style with 3 large 25 metre lanes. Great fun!

Waterloo Swimplex
Kitchener Pools

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