Sunday, January 24, 2021

Cheap Hi-Speed Internet

High-Speed Internet 5Mbps for $18.95 /Month

Looking for a cheap hi-speed internet service. I just came across this service available in Ontario and Quebec. Apparently it's been around for a couple of years. Now offering hi-speed service for only $18.95 /month. With unlimited service and no activation fees. Great if you are into downloading media. No limit on bandwidth and you can get encrypted browsing if you want it  Also, 100GB of online storage, SSH tunnels and a FREE static IP address are available. In order to get the $18.95 rate, you have to pre-pay for one year. After that, the rate is $33.95 /month. Still a great deal considering the unlimited bandwidth.

What if you don't have an active Phone Line?
Acanac`s Naked DSL lets you surf the net without having an active phone line. This is great for cell phone users who do not have land lines or Voip users who are tired of paying the big bucks to the major phone providers. All you need for Naked (Dry Loop) DSL is a phone jack. No dial tone is necessary.

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee and a referral program. For every person you get to sign up, you get one month of service free. If you can get 10 people to sign up, you get service free forever as long as you have an account with Acanac. Not bad. I'll try for that.

Check it out. Here is the url:

I signed up today!

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kidmoses said:

Monday, February 15, 2021

In follow-up to the internet service, be aware that tech support sucks. And if the service is working, don't question anything.

I signed up and within a couple of days had the service working. Bell came out to my house to install the dry-loop. However, they only went as far as the box outside my house (the NID). As I have an old house, my standard phone line is only two wires. Bell connected these two wires to the main phone line on the NID, and left the dry-loop terminal unconnected. Tech said that someone from Acanac would have to make that connection inside my house. Okay, no problem. I ran a temporary line from the dry-loop to my modem. Worked perfectly.

A few days later I called Acanac to see if someone was coming to install a permanent line inside my house. Next day my service was down, and was told that a tech would be there on February 2. No one showed. When I questioned it, I was told that the tech had been rescheduled for February 9. No service for a week. I figured I would put up with it and connected to my Bell service (which I haven't yet cancelled).

On February, no one showed. Was told that it was rescheduled for February 16. Had enough and called Bell to see what better deal I could get. They upgraded me from my Essentials Plus package to the Performance package for only $2.00 per month. Also, I found out they have a bandwidth insurance program (which is not much advertised) which allows me an extra 40GB bandwidth for only $5.00 per month. Much better than paying penalties for going over.

Now trying to get Acanac to refund my money as part of their 30 day guarantee. Meeting with delays and excuses. Much the same as what is described on other forums.

So, if you try this service, be aware of poor tech support. If it's working, don't try to fix it. Leave it alone.

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