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Delphi's ListView Component Optimized through Window's API

Have you every wished the Delphi ListView component could do some of the things that many other third party components could do? If you're like me, there's something satisfying about using the components that come with Delphi. In it's simplest form, just being able to sort a listview and have the sort arrow appear in the header is a huge improvement over the default component. Now you can easily sort using a descendant of the Delphi TCustomListview class. And so much more...

In addition to providing sort functions and algorithms, kmListView allows you to easily shade the selected column, alternate row colors, lock all columns so they cannot be resized, or fix selected columns so they cannot be resized or moved. The kmListView background can be wallpapered with the image of your choice. There is also an inline editor for all subitems, as well as the caption of each item. Autosize the last column to ensure rows fill the entire listview width.

Key benefits of kmListView include:

  • Modular Design
  • Powerful Ownerdraw Component
  • Cost Effective
  • Native Delphi Solution
  • Powerful Natural Sort Algorithm
  • Easy Integration
  • Royalty Free Distribution


NEW Modular Design
Often, all the features of kmListView are not required. The new design allows installing of only the features required as components. These components are linked to the listview and can be switched between listviews at runtime. Now, if you only need a sort funtion, you only have the overhead of the sort function.

Powerful Ownerdraw Component
Easily add ownerdraw capabilities to your listview. Improved selection rectangle, alternate row colors, mouse tracking, focus rectangle selections. Works with all other kmListView components.

Cost Effective
At a fraction of the cost of other third party solutions, kmListView provides the most common requirements for a listview component in an single solution. Developers do not have to waste valuable time trying to create their own solution when all they really want is a decent listview with sort capabilities.

Native Delphi Solution
Continue to build on the native components supplied with Delphi itself. The Delphi listview component is designed to use Window's own listview supplied with the ComCtl32.dll. Learn how to extend some of the features built into the Window's API, but left out of Delphi's implementation.

Powerful Natural Sort Algorithm
Many sorting algorithms can sort alpha data really well, but tend to fall apart when sorting alpha-numeric data. When sorting a list of numbers from 1 to 12, an alpha-numeric sort will order the numbers as 1,10,11,12,2,3...9. This is not what we want. The kmListView component will sort numeric data correctly.

Easy Integration
No need to learn the in's and out's of a new component. As the kmListView component is built on the foundation of the TCustomListView class, most of the properties and methods are already familiar to you. If you have already been developing with Delphi's listview, then upgrading to kmListView will be practically seamless. There's no need to change the way your application interfaces with a new listview.

Royalty Free Distribution
The registered version of kmListView can be freely integrated in an unlimited number of applications. With the exception of the TLabel and TEdit components, the listview component is probably the most widely used of all.

The advanced feature set of kmListView includes:

  • Descends from Delphi's TCustomListView class
  • Powerful, built-in sorting algorithm
  • Sort arrow in listview header column
  • Integer sort type
  • Shade sorted / selected columns
  • Alternate row colors
  • Display custom empty message
  • Auto-size last column
  • Inline editor for caption and subitems
  • Numeric inline editor property
  • Hide horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed columns - cannot move or resize
  • Locked columns - cannot resize
  • Add background wallpaper
  • OnBeginColumnResize, OnColumnResize and OnEndColumnResize events
  • OnEditorKeyPress event
  • OnSortColumn event
  • Many more events added

Easily integrate kmListView into new or existing applications. There is no other listview component that's as easy to use, provides as many features, and also descends from the Delphi TCustomListView class.


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