Friday, February 19, 2021

NetUpdate 2.05

Quickly and Easily Distribute Your Application Updates

Now keep ALL your applications up-to-date, literally overnight. Software development is an evolutionary process. As soon as a new application is launched, developers start creating updates. Managing the update process can be overwhelming at the best of times. NetUpdate provides a flexible, easy solution to manage all your update requirements.

NetUpdate is a simple, yet comprehensive software update system ideally suited to support IT professionals, network administrators, software developers, kiosk vendors and technical service departments. Whether you need to keep the software on a fleet of computers up-to-date, or simply provide an update mechanism for software you are developing, NetUpdate is the only product you need.

NetUpdate uses a flexible, secure, and reliable client/server infrastructure to determine if an update is available, and downloads and installs all required files using trusted, industry-safe Internet or LAN protocols. Optionally, end users can be directed to a URL where more information about the update is available, and files can be downloaded from there.

Works seamlessly with Windows Vista and Windows 7
Since Windows Vista was released, many users have experienced problems when updating their applications. By default, Windows Vista does not allow the user to update applications without administrative permissions. Dealing with the UAC has been a headache to say the least. Often the user of the computer is the administrator, but has to deal with the exceptions and warnings anyway. NetUpdate installs as a Windows service, so it already has administrator rights. Whether updating applications, files, images or any kind of data, you will never receive another UAC warning when using NetUpdate for all your update requirements.

NetUpdate uses a flexible, secure, and reliable client/server infrastructure to determine if an update is available, and then downloads and installs all required files using trusted, industry-safe Internet or LAN protocols. Optionally, end users can be directed to a URL where more information about the update is available, and files can be downloaded from there.

User-Friendly Update Manager
NetUpdate Easily manage and publish all your software updates with the NetUpdate Wizard, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The Wizard will create the client agent files and server information files required to publish your update. When the Wizard finishes, a complete setup manifest provides all the instructions you need to install the generated files.

No Complicated Scripting
Unlike other competitive products, NetUpdate does not use a complicated scripting language to manage updates. The easy-to-use wizard walks you through the whole process, providing easy-to-understand choices for all options along the way. No need to learn another programming language. Absolutely no coding required.

Lightweight Client Agent
NetUpdate produces a very small client executable (agent) and proprietary information file (*.inf) which are installed on all the computers you wish to update, or is included with your distributed software. The agent and information files are together just over 200 kB in size. Though small, it is a powerful combination which uses the native Windows API to manage the complete update process, including closing and launching the target application. The client agent has no external dependencies, so you don't have to distribute any COM or DLL files to make it all work. Unlike competitive products, it doesn't require another runtime engine or .NET framework.

Flexible Version Analysis
Update status is determined by either version number or date-time stamp. Typically, a complete update to the whole application would be controlled using the version number, and application patches or modifications would be controlled using date-time stamps. Additionally, updated miscellaneous files can be controlled by file size - only files where the size differs would be updated.

Progressive Updates
NetUpdate's powerful features allows you to perform progressive, or incremental, updates as required. No need to worry about installing patches or configuration changes which are dependant on previous updates being installed. NetUpdate will install all updates just like Windows.

Security Code
All updates are qualified using an encrypted security code embedded in both the client agent and server update files. If the security codes do not match, the update is not applied and a log file entry is created if the log file is enabled.

Interactive or Silent Modes
Flexible running modes ensure update notices are delivered and provide a choice on how to apply to update. The normal, interactive mode prompts the end user all along the download and installation path. You can enforce corporate software standards by selecting either Silent or Hidden modes. Silent mode shows the end user exactly what is being downloaded and installed, but does not allow him to cancel the update. In Hidden mode, all download and update operations are carried out in the background, entirely hidden from the end user.

Schedule Update Check
A check for updates can be scheduled to occur when NetUpdate starts, or at a certain time of the day, or on a certain day of the week. In situations where consumers may be using a kiosk in a retail environment, you wouldn't want to schedule an update in the middle of the day. Preferably, you would schedule the update to occur in the middle of the night, say around 2:00 am, in order not to disturb ongoing business processes.

Key benefits of using NetUpdate include:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Industry Standard Protocols
  • Easy Integration
  • Royalty Free Distribution


Cost Efficiency
Managing software updates is a costly process. The time required by IT professionals and software vendors to keep their managed applications current can be considerable. Support for legacy installations can be challenging. NetUpdate significantly reduces the amount of time and cost involved in maintaining software versions, patches and updates. NetUpdate is ideally suited for kiosk vendors and software developers where their applications involve regular updates to things like product selection, retail pricing and promotions.

Flexible Architecture
Designed from the ground up to be flexible, yet feature rich. The easy-to-use NetUpdate manager provides all options to the developer in a comfortable Wizard driven interface. Create an unlimited number of application updates to check for everything from full-blown new software versions to simple configuration changes like retail pricing for an in-store kiosk. Depending on the type of update to be deployed, NetUpdate can replace the require files itself, run an external setup file, or simple redirect the user to a URL for more information.

Industry Standard Protocols
NetUpdate is built on the same trusted, dependable industry standards you currently rely on. All Internet communication is controlled by Microsoft's WinInet API used in today's standard Windows and Internet Explorer applications. NetUpdate supports all of the most common client/server communication protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and LAN (both UNC paths and mapped drives). Full support for proxy authentication, HTTP and FTP user authentication are built right in.

Easy Integration
Not everyone is a programmer. We understand that. For this reason, Net Update's visual development environment was designed to create advanced update systems without using a single line of code. All options are Wizard driven. And when finished, NetUpdate presents a complete file installation manifest detailing where to place the resulting files. With its innovative development environment, NetUpdate offers you a powerful, yet easy way to deploy your updates to your customers. The advanced customization capabilities of NetUpdate give you complete control of all the options available.

Royalty Free Distribution
If you are a single developer supporting a new application, our single developer license allows you to distribute the client agent files to an unlimited number of users. Alternatively, a corporate license allows you to distribute the client agent files to an unlimited number of computers supporting a multiude of applications within your organization. All without any additional cost.

Easily integrate any product update into your application or business processes. There is no other software of it's kind that is more flexible or as easy to use.

NetUpdate is not longer supported. Full version is available for download. Source code may be purchased for $50.00 USD. Donations are always welcome.

For a limited time only, SAVE 50% off the price of NetUpdate source code. Now ONLY $24.99.

 Purchase Source Code


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kidmoses said:

Wednesday, February 23, 2021

Unfortunately, there is just too many other things to do that are more of a priority.

anonymous said:

Sunday, February 20, 2021

Why was NetUpdate canceled. It looks far better than most of the competition.

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