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Home Inspection Report Template

Never buy home inspection software again!

By Howard Walsh | Windsor Home Inspections

Home inspectors need to create accurate reports quickly and easily. Reporting software is often difficult to learn and use properly, and you never know what you might have missed. For most, it would be a lot easier to work in a familiar program like Microsoft Word. And now you can. A complete Home Inspection Template (HIT) is available for Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007. The basic template is 40+ pages long, and can be easily modified to suit your company's needs and business image. Cut your report writing time in half. Generate your home inspection reports immediately.

The Home Inspection Template (HIT) is priced at only $44.95. This one-time, affordable purchase allows you to generate as many reports as you need without any additional expense. After purchase, the template package can be downloaded immediately and modified inside Microsoft Word. Customize the template with your company information, print it out to use as a checklist, or make all your notations directly in Microsoft Word and then print out the final report. Print as many reports as you like, and never have to pay for any piece of software, support program or upgrade again!

Report Follows ASHI Standards of Practice
HIT is a fully functioning home inspection report template that is used by home inspectors to convey the condition of residential properties. The template follows the ASHI Standards of Practice for inspectors, and is designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding inspector while still controlling the expectations of the scope of the inspection that your are performing. And all text is easily editable to define your own personal Standard of Practice.

The report is laid out as follows:

  • Introduction
  • General Information About The Property
  • Roofing
  • Exterior
  • Structure
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation and Ventilation
  • Interior
  • Summary
  • Recommended Reading

Report Layout
In addition, each section starts with a general overview of the system, defining the ASHI standards for the particular system, extensively outlining what is covered and not covered by the Standards of Practice. Also included are general disclaimers recommending further evaluation of certain items in some specific sections, or recommendations for repairs or actions to be taken upon moving in.  Next, a decription of the system observed and any limitations that occurred are listed, followed by a checklist-like system of observations, as well as, narative comments. Finally, images can be added and commented on.

Using a professional home inspection report template that you can easily customize to meet all your needs and keep you protected is priceless. HIT has you covered.

New Version Added
Create Detailed, More Informative Reports - Faster

Now get the original version of the templates PLUS a newer version with many additional features. New version is designed for Office 2007 or later and makes use of macros to increase the flexibility of report writing allowing you to create detailed, more informative reports, faster.

The observation sections now break the area  inspected into several checkpoint sections for which you can apply a rating and recommended action. Comments can also be added. Ratings are selected from a pull-down menu and can be any of the following: Satisfactory, Fair/Marginal, Unsatisfactory, Missing, Suspect, Safety Issue, Not Applicable, Not Visible/Unknown, Yes or No. 

Recommended actions are also selectable from a pull-down menu and can be any of the following: None/Not Applicable, Improve, Provide / Install, Repair / Replace, Major Concern, Monitor or Further Evaluation. 

Add your own comments as needed. Some topics already have suggested comments added to make your report writing more consistent and faster.

Improvements in Limitations Section
The limitation sections have also been improved to allow for checking and unchecking of selected limits depending on your personal requirements and conditions encountered during the inspection.

As this new version makes use of macros (macros are embedded in the template), there are a couple of additions to the Microsoft Word ribbon bar when the template is opened. 

To the Styles section of the ribbon bar will be added a couple of styles to be used in conjunction with the limitation sections. These "styles" allow you to easily check or uncheck any of the listed limitations. This method used considerably less overhead which results in smaller, faster loading report files. This is an image of what will be added to the Styles bar:





Summary and Table of Contents Automatically Update
Now when you add comments to the report sections, these comments are automatically added to the summary section of the report with the simple click of a button.In the comments section you will now see a default comment surrounded by brackets [ ]. The default comment will look something like this:

[No significant issues with the exterior found at the time of inspection. ]

The brackets are placeholders. As long as you don't delete the brackets any text inside of them will be copied to the summary section of the report when you press on the Update button added to the Microsoft Quick Access Toolbar at the top of Microsoft Word. In addition to the summary section being updated, the Table of Contents are also updated to accurately reflect any changes in page numbers. This is an image of the Update button added to the Quick Access Toolbar:




Click Here To Download A Working Sample of the New Template!

How To Use The Templates
Using HIT couldn't be easier. The report is already formatted for Microsoft Word. All you need to do is fill in details from your notes and follow the reports industry standard guidelines. Make changes only where needed.

How to use Home Inspection Template:

  • Fill in the cover page and footer area with your business information
  • Save template so you don't have to enter this information ever again
  • Now choose "Save As" and save the template to your customers id (name, report no., etc)
  • Update general information specific to the home inspection (ie: address, weather conditions, etc)
  • Remove areas that may not pertain to this inspection
  • Customize the comments areas with your inspection notes. Add comments between brackets in new version.
  • Add photos as required
  • When finished the report, press the update button on the Quick Access Toolbar to update Summary and Table of Contents.
  • Save and send the report to your customer

You will need a copy of Microsoft Word (version Word/Office 97 or later) on your computer to edit and print the home inspection report.

Download Report Templates

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rick said:

Friday, January 27, 2021

Is there a way to put the summary page in a different position within the report, similar to the way inspection sections can be moved up or down within the report? I, and the realtors in my area are used to the summary page being the first page viewed.Thanks in advance….

noble t said:

Wednesday, December 7, 2020

regarding the inspection software. Can this be modified to do commercial property inspections?

kidmoses said:

Tuesday, August 30, 2021

I don't have a Mac so it is hard to say. If Mac Word can open a document created with Word 2007 or 2003, then you should have no problem.

anonymous said:

Tuesday, August 30, 2021

Can a Mac be used if it has Word on it?

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