Friday, May 7, 2021

50 Email Marketing Tips

I just received this bocklet of tips from It lists 50 tips to improve your email marketing campaigns. Some are helpful... some are not. If you are new to email marketing, I'm sure you will find a lot of helpful information. Some of the tips include:

The best times for emails to be delivered
According to a report from Pure360 the prime windows of opportunity fluctuate depending on the material.

For example, some 27 percent of all eMail marketing restaurant promotions and 19 percent of live event promotions are opened first thing. While the mid-afternoon period between 3 PM and 5 PM (the post lunch slump) seems to be the time for people to go for those emails promoting “chance of a lifetime” or “life changing” opportunities.

Unsubscribe! I mean change my email! D’oh
When someone hits the unsubscribe button, are you ready to handle it? As a company you can learn from the reasons behind someone unsubscribing, or even better: give them an option to change personal details or preferences on frequency (opt-down) and save them from unsubscribing.

MailChimp & SpinnakerPro offer great free email marketing solutions
Here’s two companies offering a 100% free email marketing solution with no obligation. This takes the risk out of email marketing for those just starting out.

There's a lot more. Download all the tips.


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