Sunday, May 11, 2021

Realtor-Inedpendent Home Inspector

What does that mean?

What is a "Realtor-Independent Home Inspector", anyway? You may have heard this term, but what does it mean? Generally, it refers to a home inspector that does not solicit business or market to real-estate professionals. In addition, the home inspector, and inspection, should be 100% removed from any influence of the realtor.

What's Wrong with a Real Estate Agent Recommending a Home Inspector?


It is unethical and a huge conflict of interest. As much as agents are supposed to be on your side, they are ALWAYS working in the seller's best interests, and for the largest commission possible. Remember, the agent doesn't get paid unless the house sells! Do you believe the agent really wants you to hire someone that might jeopardize the sale? Think again.

House sales are carefully crafted, staged, and rehearsed to sell as quickly as possible with the least amount of resistence. Keep your perspective. Would you hire the mechanic that a used car salesperson recommended before buying his car? Probably not. So why would you hire the home inspector that your real estate agent (think: used home salesperson) recommended? The real-estate agent is in the business of selling houses. Do you really believe they are going to refer someone to you that is not going to help their business?

Choose your own home inspector.
It's your right. Be wary of panic induced coaching from your agent. Certainly there are agents who have integrity and honesty; however, too many put their commission above their client's best interests. If a real estate agent tells you that you cannot use an inspector of your choosing, or insists that you use one of their "recommended" or "approved" inspectors, you should be very wary.

Almost all home purchase agreements include the condition of a home inspection. Why is that? It's because a home inspection addresses two critical concerns for the agent and/or brokerage firm. A home inspection addresses the condition of full disclosure, and reduces the agent's / brokerage firm's liability. But they never want you to choose your own inspector. They known that most buyers will unknowingly ask for recommendations. And there's the rub. As professionals, they make it all look easy!


Excerpt from Seacliff Home Inspections website | London Home Inspections 

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