Thursday, March 4, 2021


How do you capture all the stuff that you want to remember?

Just found this great new site. It's called SpringPad. In short, Springpad is a free personal organizer to save and use just about anything — recipes, products, restaurants, ideas, notes, articles, and more.

Some of the things you might want to use SpringPad for:

Put your to-do lists in springpad and get rid of paper notes. Keep notes on anything. Set alarms to text or email reminders to you.

Collect recipes from any website. Create meal plans with a full list of ingredients. Make lists of restaurants you love or want to try.

Keep track of weekly chores and events. Track receipts and budgets, home remodeling projects, and your pet's medical history.

Put your packing lists, hotel/rental car confirmation numbers, and Google Maps in one place. Keep track of places you want to visit.

Keep track of projects, meeting notes, and budgets. Customize your own notebook the way you want it.

Save products or gift ideas from any website and find them again later. Match gifts with your contacts. Store tracking numbers.

With springpad you can collect stuff from all over the web or all over the world — you decide what you want to spring.

The blog is pretty interesting as well. Check out this incredible site at

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