Monday, February 16, 2021

Remember Me: Login Manager

Remember login information for websites that don't automatically save login and password data.

Tired of having to enter passwords for secure sites you visit often. Many websites, such as PayPal, do not save your password from one session to another, forcing you to login every time you visit. Remember Me: Login Manager is the perfect solution - an extension for Chrome that lets you save and retrieve your login credentials instantly, allowing you to quickly login to your favourite websites without having to enter the password each time.

Key Features

- Automatically detects websites requiring login
- Saves login information by default while you browse
- Prevent saving of login information on a per site basis
- Store login usernames and passwords locally in cookies
- Information is never stored in the cloud or on third party servers
- Passwords are encrypted before saving
- Retrieved login information is colour coded for easy identification

Encrypted Data
Your password is always encrypted in your browser; no data, encrypted or unencrypted is sent over the network. Your passwords remain safe.

You can download the extension here:


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