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Sunday, August 1st, 2004 Add Comment 
101 Reasons to Live in Kitchener-Waterloo

I've heard it said that a blog site really isn't christened until you write your first 101 reasons list. Well, I've decided to compile my list of why Kitchener-Waterloo is unique and a great place to live. Mind you, the first 50 reasons were relatively easy to come up with. The second half was a challenge. Anyway, here's my list for what it's worth. Not in any particular order. Reasons why Kitchener-Waterloo is a great place to live...

  1. It's not Toronto!

  2. The University of Waterloo… particularly for computer science studies.

  3. Sir Wilfred Laurier University for business and music.

  4. Conestoga College… also renowned in it's class.

  5. The crime rate is relatively low.

  6. The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country.

  7. Research In Motion (RIM) was founded here and stayed here.

  8. Everything about Victoria Park.

  9. Waterloo Park.

  10. And a park I just recently discovered… Kiwanis Park.

  11. Bingeman's.

  12. Sportsworld.

  13. Chicopee Ski Club… not a five star resort, but a decent ski hill in the heart of Kitchener.

  14. Centre in the Square showcasing outstanding performances by international artists.

  15. KW Little Theatre showcasing the outstanding talents of local performers.

  16. The Charcoal Steak House for great steak… and del Dente and Martini's in the same building.

  17. Josephy Schneider Haus, Kitchener's oldest mennonite homestead.

  18. Doon Heritage Crossroads for a step back in time.

  19. Shopping Saturday mornings at St. Jacob's Farmer's Market.

  20. The long overdue, new Kitchener Farmer's Market.

  21. Historic Homer Watson House.

  22. The West Montrose Covered Bridge… the only covered bridge left in Ontario.

  23. Woodside National Park and it's main attraction Mackenzie King's boyhood home.

  24. KOOL-FM Radio… all day long.

  25. The Record… not a dinky little newspaper.

  26. Talented artists like the band Jen… check out their website at www.jenmilitia.com

  27. Oktoberfest. Outside of Germany, Kitchener-Waterloo plays host to the largest Oktoberfest celebration around.

  28. The Wonders of Winter, also known as the Festival of Lights. Waterloo Park decorated with over 100,000 lights over the Christmas season.

  29. At least seven fine golf courses.

  30. Canoeing the Grand early in the summer while the river is still high.

  31. The Aud, home to the Kitchener Rangers. (That could be two reasons.)

  32. Being known as the Golden Triangle… what a cool name.

  33. Moose Winooski's with it's smell of authentic Canadian food.

  34. The elegant but casual Sole's Restaurant and Wine Bar.

  35. Angie's Kitchen for traditional food fare.

  36. Country Boy for outstanding breakfast all day.

  37. While I'm on restaurants, The Flying Dog, KW's most unique dining experience.

  38. The Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival in July.

  39. The Busker Carnival in August.

  40. The KW Multicultural Festival held in Victoria Park every June.

  41. King Street that runs North, South, East and West. Figure that one out.

  42. The Waterloo Regional Children's Museum.

  43. Rockway Gardens.

  44. The Block that Rocks!

  45. William's Coffee Pub next the Kitchener's city hall.

  46. Kitchener's city hall.

  47. The reflecting pool in Civic Square which doubles as a skating rink in winter.

  48. This website, KW Online… that's lame!

  49. Shannon Lyon, back from touring Europe.

  50. Blue's legend, Mel Brown who made Kitchener his home after playing a gig here some twenty years ago.

  51. Brick beer.

  52. Blues, Brews and Barbecues weekend in August.

  53. St. Jacobs… not in KW but near enough to be enjoyed.

  54. The Mennonite population and culture.

  55. The Royal Medieval Faire.

  56. Uptown Country… new festival in June.

  57. Laurel Creek Conservation area.

  58. Fireworks over Columbia Lake.

  59. Stages Nightclub… used to be better, but still good.

  60. Sammy's Garage… any night of the week.

  61. Walter Bean Grand River Trail

  62. RIM Park (I guess it depends on who you talk to.)

  63. The magnificent Waterloo Recreational Swimming Complex.

  64. The award winning Lyle-Hallman Pool.

  65. Historic Walper Terrace Hotel.

  66. Kiwanis Dragon Boat Festival.

  67. Some would say Grand River Transit, though in twenty years I have never taken public transportation.

  68. The new Region of Waterloo International Airport.

  69. Echo Weekly for all local arts and entertainment information.

  70. Wings of Paradise.

  71. Seeing lots of hot air balloons over Kitchener during the summer.

  72. Theatre and Company.

  73. The Waterloo Stage Theatre.

  74. Theatre on the Edge… great improv!

  75. The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery.

  76. Peter Etril Snyder and his gallery.

  77. Horseback Adventures.

  78. The historic Clock Tower at the entrance to Victoria Park.

  79. The Grand River.

  80. Eastwood High School, known for it's arts program and sports excellence.

  81. Fine Italian cuisine at Ennio's.

  82. Affordable housing… at least compared to Toronto.

  83. Pioneer Tower Historic Site.

  84. The Boathouse in Victoria Park.

  85. KOR Gallery & Studios.

  86. City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery.

  87. KW Chamber Orchestra.

  88. Cedartree Recording Studio.

  89. Cruise nights in the summer.

  90. Golf's Steak House and Tavern.

  91. King Street Trio.

  92. The 1890 historically-designated Waterloo Hotel.

  93. Golden Triangle Online, Kitchener's independent ISP still growing strong.

  94. Dionysia Greek Wine and Food Festival.

  95. Ice Dogs Festival.

  96. The Waterloo County and Area Quilt Festival.

  97. Abraham Erb's Grist Mill. Abraham Erb is attributed with the founding of the settlement of Waterloo.

  98. Mongolian Grill.

  99. KW is right next door to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival.

  100. Lions Lagoon Splash Park.

  101. The elegant Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa in neighboring Cambridge.

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