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Monday, July 19th, 2004 Add Comment 
What the Heck is a Blog

Blogging is probably the most interesting thing to happen on the Internet since the original Napster. Actually, blogging has been around since about 1999, maybe before, so it's really nothing new. Simply put, a blog is just an online journal... often referred to as a web log. Perhaps someone misread web log and said we blog. Don't really know... just guessing. Anyway, webmasters have been keeping journals online for years. Only recently has it caught the attention of the general public. Now anyone can create their own BLOG website within minutes for free with a little help from websites like Google.
And almost overnight blogging has become popular. It seems most popular amongst those in their twenties who use it to speak to the world or to stay in touch with family and friends. A lot of the sites I've seen tend to chronicle the thoughts and activities of college life. Many sites only stay up for six months or a year.
Some sites are really good and have attained widespread attention. Particularly those that editorialize on the news, or politics. Some industries have blog sites to help support their products.
In short, a blog is a journal entry kept on an Internet website. In most cases, readers can comment on what's written. So the whole thing becomes interactive.
Is it just a fad? Perhaps. But for now, blogging appears to be the fastest growing Internet pastime.

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