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Help - Compose

The Compose window lets you create new messages and respond to messages in your mailbox.

Some of the powerful features of Espresso's Compose window include:

  • create new messages using Espresso's enhanced text editor
  • create and save Draft and Template messages
  • easily distinguish replies and forwards using alternate text colour
  • signature automatically inserted
  • automatically check spelling before message is sent using Espresso's powerful spell check engine
  • attach and send complex HTML messages
  • auto Blind Copy can be enabled
  • outgoing recipients automatically added to contact and permissions list

Enhanced text editor
Espresso's advanced text editor automatically highlights email addresses and website URL's to enable easier identification. Both email addresses and website URL's are clickable. In addition, when using a quote character, replies and forwards are easily distinguish by an alternate text colour for quick reference. Future releases to include more formatting.

Draft and template messages
Easily create and save draft or template messages for sending later.

Powerful spell checking
Espresso features a powerful spell checker as standard. Messages can automatically be check before sending. No more embarrassing spelling mistakes. Default language is English, but many more languages are available for download and easy install at Addictive Software.

HTML messages
Although Espresso does not feature a HTML editor, complex HTML messages can be created in an external editor and attached to Espresso's outgoing messages. Such received messages can be viewed in either plain text or HTML, depending on the recipients preference. In this way, more complex HTML messages can be sent using Espresso than normally could be created by an email client.

As a note, with the current popularity of text messaging, there has been a trend away from HTML messages lately. Plain text messages are safer and take up less mailbox space than HTML messages. Many businesses, particularly online businesses, now only send out plain text messages to ensure their messages are readable and are less likely to be identified as spam.

Auto blind copy
Espresso can be configured to automatically blind copy someone on every outgoing message. This feature ensures that people "who need to know" are always informed.

Auto add to contact and permissions lists
To ensure your address book and permissions list are always up-to-date, all outgoing mail is checked before it is sent to identify any recipients that are not already included in your lists, and automatically adds them. This ensures that replies to your messages are not tagged as junk mail and pass uninterrupted to your inbox.

Recipients are easily added to messeages using the popup address book, shown below.


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