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Help - Main Menu

The Main Menu provides access to all the features within Espresso.

File - Open Mailbox
Allows you to open another mailbox previously created.

File - Create Mailbox
Create another mailbox and optionally open it.

File - Compact Mailbox
Compact the mailbox to remove deleted messages and conserve save. Keeping you mailbox small and clean will allow Espresso to run faster. Optionally, compacting the mailbox can be set to run automatically whenever the trash is emptied or junk mail is deleted.

File - Send Mail
Sends any mail waiting in the Outbox. Optionally, the servers can be checked for new mail after mail is sent.

File - Check Mailbox
Check mail servers for new mail.

File - Print Preview
Preview the mail message before printing.

File - Print
Prints the current message.

File - Exit
Closes the Espresso application.

View - Contacts
Toggles the list of contacts on or off along the left side of the window.

View - Header Info
Shows or hides the message sender, subject and date in the preview pane.

View - Preview
Shows or hides the message preview.

View - Statusbar
Shows or hides the statusbar.

Message - New Message
Opens the Compose window to create a new message.

Message - Open Message
Opens the View window to show the current message in it's own window. You can use the View window to switch between plain text and HTML formatting, or view the message headers or raw message text.

Message - Save Message As...
Save the current message as a simple text file (*.txt), or email file (*.eml), which can be read by most other mail programs.

Message - Edit Message
Allow you to edit the current message if you viewing a message in the draft or template folders.

Message - Mark Message Read
Marks the currently selected messages as read.

Message - Mark Message Unread
Marks the currently selected messages unread.

Message - Mark All Read
Marks all the messages in the current folder as read.

Message - Mark All Unread
Marks all the messages in the current folder as unread.

Message - Flags
Flags all selected messages in the message view.

Message - Label
Labels the currently selected messages. Predefined labels are: Important, Work, Personal, To Do, Later, and Pending. Labels are also colour coordinated. Both label text and color can be changed to suit the user.

Message - Note
Add, edit or delete notes for the currently selected messages.

Message - Move To...
Moves the currently selected messages to another folder.

Message - Reply
Opens the Compose window to reply to the send of the current message.

Message - Reply To All
Opens the Compose window to reply to the sender and everyone copied on the current message.

Message - Forward
Opens the Compose window to forward the current message to another person.

Message - Redirect
Opens the Compose window to redirect the current message to another person. Redirected messages retain the original sender in the From: field of the message.

Message - Delete
Deletes all the currently selected messages.

Tools - Import
Import contacts from Outlook, Thunderbird or other comma delimited (*.csv) file. Import messages from Outlook, Thunderbird, or other email application supporting the MBOX or EML formats.

Tools - Export
Exports the contact list to a comma delimited (*.csv) file. Also exports the mail folders to a file in the MBOX format.

View - Backup
Backup the current mailbox.

Tools - Restore
Restores a previously backed up mailbox.

Tools - Suspend
Use suspend to temporarily stop checking for junk mail. Suspend can be set for pre-determined times between 1 minute and 2 hours. Ideal when expecting confirmation from online orders when you don't know who the sender will be.

Tools - Inactivate
Turns off junk mail checking until re-activated.

Tools - New Contact...
Opens the new contact window to create a new contact.

Tools - New Account...
Opens the new account window to setup a new email account to check and send messages.

Tools - Filters...
Opens the options window to create new filters or edit existing filters.

Tools - Permissions...
Opens the options window to create new permissions or edit existing permissions and junk mail settings.

Tools - Options...
Opens the options window.

Help - Help
Opens this help file.

Help - Website...
Connects to the Espresso website at http:///

Help - Registration
Opens a window to enter the license number for a registered version. Registration allows the user to set up more than one account and more than one filter.

Help - Tell A Friend...
Opens the Compose window so you can send an email to a friend telling them about Espresso.

Help - About Espresso
Opens the About Espresso window.


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