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Message Preview lets you quickly read your messages without having to open up a larger message viewer. For most messages you receive, this will suffice.

Messages can be viewed in either plain text or HTML format. Please be aware that messages viewed in HTML format may contain viruses or spyware. It is recommended that you view messages in plain text format if you want to ensure your computer does not get infected.

Espresso uses an advanced plain text display to closely mimic some of the formating available in HTML. As a result, viewing messages in plain text provides much the same user experience as viewing messages in HTML, without the risk of infecting your computer. If the message only contains HTML, then Espresso will do it's best to strip out the HTML tags without affecting the content of the message.

Due to the popularity of text messaging using portable devices, many of the messages you receive may only contain plain text. With Espresso you may never miss HTML formated messages. And you may find it quite satisfying to view your email with the consistent format provided by Espresso plain text.

However, if you want to view HTML formatted messages, Espresso can handle it. You also have the choice to view HTML messages with or without images. And scripts can be blocked as well.


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