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Espresso is available as Shareware - another way of saying Try Before You Buy. For fourteen days, it is fully functional for one email account and one filter. Technical support is not provided during the trial period. Also, some user preferences are disabled, and all outgoing email is tagged with a short message indicating that you are using Espresso. To use Espresso without these limitations, you must purchase a registration key for the software. You can purchase the registration key online by going to, or by going to and entering the product ID: 300068893.

After completing the purchasing procedure, a registration key will be sent to you by email. This key is required to register the program. It is recommended that you make a backup copy of the e-mail (e.g. print out a hard copy), and/or keep the registration key in a safe place.

In Espresso, go to "Help - Registration" and enter the registration key exactly as you received by email. You can copy-paste the information directly into the registration window. Press the "Ok" button when you are ready. If the registration information is valid, you will get a confirmation message saying the application has been registered.

If you lost your registration info, please send me your purchase info and specify your name, company name and email address you used to buy your copy of Espresso. I will send to you your registration info again.

If you have questions or you experience problems related to the registration process, you can use the support email to contact me. I will be happy to assist you with the registration.

Technical Support
Technical support is provided by email to registered users only. To receive technical support, please provide you name, email address and registration key in all your communications. You can send your questions to: Our target response time is within 48 hours.

Point version upgrades are provided to registered users at no charge. Full version upgrades are not free. A point version upgrade is defined as any upgrade where the version number increases after the decimal point. For example, going from version 1.04.90 to 1.32.68 is a point version upgrade and is provided to registered users at no charge. Going from version 1.32.68 to 2.03.43 is a full version upgrade and is a chargeable upgrade for registered users.


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