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The View window provides a larger area on which to read the current message, as well as, some options not available in the preview mode of the main screen.

Some of the powerful features of Espresso's View window include:

  • view message in plain text or HTML (if loaded)
  • view headers and raw message text
  • collapsible / expandable message header frame
  • popup menu for each address in message header
  • statusbar notification for attachments, flag and notes
  • easily add / change message label
  • move between messages in current folder

View message in plain text or HTML
By default, the message will be viewed in either plain text or HTML depending on the message format selected in Options. As with Preview in the Main window, HTML messages can be set to block images and/or scripts. It is highly recommended that at least scripts be blocked to avoid infection from viruses when viewing HTML messages.

Alternatively, the safest way to view messages is in plain text. Espresso's powerful plain text viewer displays formatted messages to best represent a HTML text message. Without the worry of infecting your computer with a virus or spyware.

View headers and raw message text
Easily switch between viewing the message in either plain text or HTML and viewing the message headers or raw message by clicking on one of the available tabs in the message window.

Collapsible / expandable message header frame
To suit your preference, the message header can be expanded or collapsed. When expanded, the header will display all available recipients of the message, as well as, the Reply-To address if available. Each displayed address has it's own popup menu for more options. This is an example of an expanded and collapsed header:

Popup menu for each address in message header
Each address in the message header has its own popup menu to perform common tasks, such as:

  • Add address to Address Book (contact list)
  • Send a new message to this person
  • Copy the address to the clipboard
  • Add address to permissions list
  • Add domain to permissions list
  • Add address to blacklist


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