W H A T    A R E   S M I L I E S ?

'Smilies' are small graphical images that are often used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you use email or internet chat frequently, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Guestbook will automatically convert certain standard strings into smilie graphic images. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not understand the idea behind smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face.

Here's the list of currently accepted smilies:

What to Type Emotion Graphic That Will Appear
:-) smile :-)
:-( frown :-(
;-) wink
:cry: cry :cry:
:D big grin :D
:p razz (stick out tongue) :p
:mad: mad :mad:
:rolleyes: roll eyes (sarcastic) :rolleyes:
:eek: eek eek
:kiss: kiss :kiss:
:smokie: smokie
:loonie: loonie :loonie:
:lol: laugh out loud :lol:
:warning: warning :warning:
:good: good
:bad: bad :bad:

W H A T    A R E    S A F E T A G S ?

SafeTags are a variation on the HTML tags allowing you to add functionality or style to your message that would normally require HTML. You can use SafeTags even if HTML is not enabled for the guestbook.

Current SafeTags:

URL Hyperlinking
If SafeTags are enabled, you no longer need to use the [URL] code to create a hyperlink. Simply type the complete URL in either of the following manners and the hyperlink will be created automatically:



In the examples above, the SafeTag automatically generates a hyperlink to the URL that is encased. It will also ensure that the link is opened in a new window when the user clicks on it. Note that the "http://" part of the URL is completely optional. Note that you should NOT use quotation marks inside the URL tag. Also, do not mix both methods.

Email Links
To add a hyperlinked email address within your message, just encase the email address as shown in the following example (SafeTag is in red).


In the example above, the SafeTag automatically generates a hyperlink to the email address that is encased.

Bold, Italics and Underline
You can make text bold, italicized or underlined by encasing the applicable sections of your text with either the [b] [/b] or [i] [/i] or [u] [/u]tags.

[b]This is bold[/b]

[i]This is italic[/i]

[u]This is underline[/i]
Horizontal Line
You can make add a horizontal line by using the [hr] tag.

This is a horizontal line[hr]

Adding Images
To add a graphic within your message by encasing the URL of the graphic image as shown (SafeTag is in red).


SafeTag will automatically makes the graphic visible in your message.

You cannot use HTML and SafeTags to accomplish the same style. Also, SafeTags are not case-sensitive (so, you could use [URL] or [url]).

Incorrect SafeTag Usage:
[url]  www.yourURL.com   [/url] - don't put spaces between SafeTag brackets and the text.

[email]webmaster@kw-online.com [email] - end brackets must include a forward slash ([/email])