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Thursday, Dec 18 2003
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Unique Dining Experience

We bring a world of dining to our guests with three restaurant experiences at one convenient address. There is the original Charcoal Steak House, well known for its thick steaks, slow-roasted prime rib and legendary house-smoked ribs. Martini's, a cosmopolitan and casual dining experience with a selection of over 150 martinis, is right next door. The third destination, del Dente, always casual and fun, is like a Mediterranean vacation featuring Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Charcoal Steak House
del Dente

Hunting Season Open

Moose Winooski’s offers you a great outdoor adventure that you can explore without getting wet or eaten by mosquitoes. The campsites are always available. The noises you hear are kids having fun, a birthday celebration, and lots of people having a really good time. The aroma you smell is the authentic Canadian food we serve.

Moose Winooski's

Celebrate the Mediterranean

Sole' Restaurant and Wine Bar is situated in a 150 year old Seagram's building, minutes west of the Waterloo Uptown Core. The interior soars two stories high to a timber frame ceiling, exposed brick and generous wood finishes, set the tone for an elegant yet casual dining experience.

Sole's Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ennio's Pasta House

Ennio's Pasta House At Ennio's all our sauces are prepared daily and fresh to order; combined with Ennio's own blend of spices for that authentic taste. We use only the finest ingredients in every dish. At Ennio's, we bring you the best in quality & quantity at an affordable price. Enjoy!

Ennios, King Street North
Ennios, Lorraine Street

Angie's Kitchen

Angie's serves up traditional menus, fun, and time to relax with a beer or draft. Angie's for the family or business, we're near all the popular 'Hot Spots,' such as five major golf courses, and many popular tourist events. Take time for history in the country!

Angie's Kitchen

Country Boy

It's Dinner Time!
All dinners are home-made with fresh ingredients. Authentic Greek Specialties. We are famous for our Souvlaki, gyros and all day breakfast.

Country Boy


Quiet and not so quiet places for coffee and conversation.

Alpine Cafe 501 Krug 570-3608
Cafe Momo 589 Fairway Rd S 896-6522
Cafe Mozart 45 Queen S 578-4590
Cafe Star 347 Lancaster W 585-1172
Caffe Bolero 9 Water N 584-7268
Energy Cafe 21 Weber W 743-7460
AJ's Coffee Shop 100 King S 745-3960
Cafe Bon Choix 140 Regina S 747-4261
Jane Bond Cafe 5 Princess W 886-1689
Timeless Cafe 160 University W 746-1238
Yukiko's Cafe 30 William W 576-9424
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