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Junkanoo Features

  Eliminate over 98% of junk mail...
      ... before it ever reaches your inbox!

Get the email you want and nothing else. Junkanoo quickly and easily helps you stop junk mail (spam) from reaching your inbox with just a few simple rule-based options and white/black list filtering.

Feature List
This unique and intuitive application allows you to block junk mail (spam) from ever reaching your inbox, while allowing email from trusted senders to pass immediately! Through the easy-to-use configuration and main screen, you will quickly and efficiently manage potential junk emails, your POP3 and SMTP accounts, and email filter rules.

  • Check unlimited number of POP3 email accounts.
  • Setup in minutes... start filtering junk email immediately.
  • Delete junk email automatically or manually directly from server.
  • Ignore email over specified size.
  • Quickly view messages in plain text, html or raw format.
  • Reply to messages or send new message through SMTP server.
  • Use whitelist to ensure good email reaches you.
  • Check for personal information to identify good email.
  • Use blacklist to fine tune junk filter.

What is Junk Email?
Junk Email (or "Spam") is really any email received when it has not specifically been asked for. Usually it is advertising goods or services, but can sometimes carry harmful “viruses”. Invariably, it is always something that you most likely didn't want to receive. Also, some of the material you receive may be considered offensive, ie: advertising that contains pornographic material and images.

All junk emails have a number of common qualities. For example, all junk email will encourage the reader to visit a specific website for more information. In order to do this, the junk mail message has to contain a link to another site. ALL junk email does this one basic thing! For the most part, your friends do not, as a rule, send emails containing links. Junkanoo will automatically identify emails containing links and mark them as junk. This is just one type of filter effectively used by Junkanoo.

Bayesian Filters
When I first started to write this program, I intended to use Bayesian filters to check for junk mail. Bayesian filters use a statistical approach to analyzing email in order to determine if it is junk. And it’s very effective. However, as I started to write some of the more easy-to-use filters, I found that I was catching about 98% of junk mail already. With a few more tweaks, the percentage got even better. So I’ve not included a Bayesian filter in this version of Junkanoo.

White Lists
I would encourage you to use White Lists where possible. Particularly if you subscribe to a number of newsletters. This is because newsletters, by their very nature, tend to look exactly like junk mail. If you receive regular email from coworkers, you would also want to include the company email address in the white list as well, ie: This way, anyone who sends email from “” will get through.

Installing Junkanoo
Simply run the install program.
There is one main file which is loaded into the Junkanoo directory. When the program is first run, a few more files are automatically created. Nothing is written to the Windows System directories or the Windows registry during installation. To remove the program, simply delete the Junkanoo directory, or run the uninstall program.

Configuring Junkanoo
To start using Junkanoo, you have to supply information to at least one POP3 email account. That's all you need to get going right away. As you use the program, configure the other options to suit your particular needs. Initially, do not set Junkanoo to automatically delete junk mail. You should not set this option until you are comfortable that Junkanoo is capturing only junk mail.

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