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When the Stone Prophets exploded on the national scene two years ago there was little doubt that they were marked for great things. Their self-produced self-titled debut E.P. was embraced across the country and peaked at #49 on the national college radio charts, an almost unheard of feat for a first time indie release. Listeners were impressed by the spectacle of Wayne Bond's mountain of drums, Jason Walsh's bluesy electric guitar sonnets and Mike Downing howling their heretic gospel like a Sunday Preacher.

After making their Toronto debut at Reileys on Yonge St and The Reverb on Queen St West, their incredible energy and charisma sparked a buzz: Stone Prophets was the new band to watch. In the words of Sandy Atwal, former Editor of ECHO Weekly "It's not even a question of whether or not the guys have potential. It's whether or not they'll live up to it."

Over the last two years the Stone Prophets labored hard to live up to their potential and the subsequent hype it generated. Having recorded ten songs for their first full-length disc "Sonic Bloom", the band imploded under the pressure of their lofty debut. Fans and supporters were left confused by the loss of so much talent.

Yet late in 2001 as the snow began to fall, rumors of new Stone Prophet material began to circulate around their Kitchener-Waterloo home. As most of the band had spent the year touring and recording with various other acts, there seemed to be little foundation to these whispers. Yet by February a song called "If All Was One" was leaked to local press and the rumors were confirmed.

Not only were the Stone Prophets back but better. With the addition of veteran Sudbury singer/guitarist Paul Di Salle, the group now added whole new dimensions of harmony to their already impressive sound.

Finally the Stone Prophets announced the launch of and a collection of their most accomplished work to date, an album entitled "Four of Wands". Once again they drew on rock, the blues, reggae, and hip-hop. Once again the songs of longing, love, and lust. Once again the brazen energy.

With a long list of shows scheduled throughout the country and growing management and major label interest, the Stone Prophets are once again taking their swagger and sound into a place they're all too familiar with: "the next biggest thing."

Yet no longer wide eyed at the prospect of success, they come bold and exuberant, with the knowing smiles of young men who know exactly where they're going.

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