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If the Stone Prophets were a bonfire, Jason Walsh would be the one who lit the match.

His talent for flamboyant performances developed at an early age. At only 5 years old he could be found dressing up as Michael Jackson and air guitar soloing to Bruce Springsteen. By age 9, inspired by his father, he began playing guitar. Only two years later his incredible gifts landed him on CKCO's Big Top Talent and onstage at the Kitchener-Waterloo Auditorium. The same stage used by his favorite band; Led Zeppelin, half a decade before he was born.

By 18 he was a certified prodigy, praised by the likes of Texas blues legend Mel Brown, Philip Sayce, Steve Strongman and members of the Jeff Healey band. Local press such as Echo Weekly, the K-W Record, Imprint, the Cord and Id all covered Jason's smoking rise to prominence before he could even legally enter most of the places he played. In 1997, after leaving the band Rotary Ten which they had founded, Jason and best friend Wayne Bond, who had been playing together since age 10, formed the Stone Prophets.

Blending a perfect ear with the energy of Guns and Roses, the soul of Stevie Ray Vaughan and the sensational improv skills of guitar heroes from Vai to Hendrix, Walsh is a rock genius and his incendiary style is an essential part of the Stone Prophets sound.

Fave Bands:Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, SRV
Musicals:Grease, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar
Toured:Across Canada, U.S., Brazil, Hawaii
Film Scores:Mike Downing's Canis Lupus, Leah Snyder's Black Commodities
Guitar Named:The Love Rock

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