Paul Di Salle - WHITE SOUL

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The boy with the baby face and the angel's voice seemed destined to be a musician. Having 3 uncles and two cousins as well as a father as accomplished players, it would be an understatement to say that his family is a musical one.

Paul's dad, Gary Di Salle, was not only a high school music teacher but also a well-known session and stage player around Sudbury. Even though he started playing drums at age 8, young Paul seemed more interested in hockey as a youth. Yet at age 12 his father inspired him to play guitar and Paul soon became a musical force.

By age 16 he became a full time member of his father's Eagles tribute band Hotel California. In high school he played and sang with his band Euphony in Newmarket, Ontario.

In 2000, he met Jason Walsh while touring with a tribute band in places as far flung as Hawaii, Florida, Halifax and Brazil. The next year he joined the Stone Prophets.

Paul's superb ear and smooth, soulful harmonies have revolutionized the band. Add to this his tasteful and versatile guitar playing and there seems no limit to his prodigious potential.

Fave Bands:Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine
Mom Says:When she was pregnant with young Paul, he would kick to the beat at his father's shows
Hidden Talent:Paul is a splendid cook specializing in pasta and sauces
Guitar Named:Gianni Bruzzo

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