Wayne Bond - THE THUNDER

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At the center of the mountainous Stone Prophet sound is the little man with the big stick. From the tribal pounding of toms, the thunder crack of his mile deep snare, the rumble of his larger than life kick, and the ever-present storm of cymbals, Wayne Bond is the spiritual heartbeat of the band.

At age 3, his mother, the fabulous soul singer Angela Gaspar, tired of him banging on everything, gave him his very own pots and pans and spoons to hit them with. It was his very first drum kit and he hasn't looked back since.

At age 9, Wayne arrived in Canada and met fellow Stone Prophet Jason Walsh. Using Wayne's knowledge of recording techniques (learned from his studio engineer dad) the two set about recording and performing. Bond would loop tape decks together to do overdubs trying to recreate the sounds of bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Over the next ten years Bond would develop the engineering and mixing style that would grant the band's recordings the in-your-face subtlety.

Bond honed his playing throughout the 90's in a wide range of venues throughout Southern Ontario including Toronto's legendary Grossman's, The Casbah at La Luna in Hamilton and Mel Brown's annual Kitchener-Waterloo Blues Picnic. A direct descendent of other fantastic British drummers like Keith Moon, Stewart Copeland and the mighty John Bonham, Mr. Bond is well on his way to placing his own star next to his heroes in the rock and roll sky.

Fave Bands:The Police, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles
Best Hair:Early David Bowie
Worst Mistake:Left the Stone Prophets in 1999
Mom Says:That boy would be loud on a tin of biscuits

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