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Stone Prophets meet the press...

Prophets see future, and it's them
After years on other projects, local band members realized what a good thing they had
Thursday August 22, 2021

There's something about the fierce loyalty that comes with being a band that can't be explained...


Heretical Prophets of Rock
The Stone Prophets on attitude and dirt
Thursday August 22 - 28, 2002
Brent Hagerman

Remaining inconspicuous is the bane of any band. Too many boring band names, forgettable songs and even worse, personalities can kill a band. Having a reputation that precedes you, as Danko Jones can tell you, is a sure way to keep the gravy train rolling. After all, if no one remembers you, why would they ever come check out your set at the local watering hole?

Enter the Stone Prophets. A cocksure quartet with a hard–drinking drummer, a guitar prodigy and a singer with a fiery temper (as some local bar owners can attest), the Stone Prophets have a reputation for being loud, precocious and hard–hitting rockers. And they make no excuses about it.


Beyond the Roots
K-Ws Stone Prophets adapting blues with a heart full of soul
Thursday March 2, 2021
Jason Schneider
Indie Music Scene

The guys in the band like to call them "money tunes." After laying the foundation of their career as a traditional blues power trio, Kitchener's Stone Prophets now realize they must take the plunge into pop's dangerous waters.


K-W's Jason Walsh is hooked on the blues
...feel the music and let that feeling show...
Thursday August 6, 2021
Keren Adderley
Indie Music Scene

As an 18-year-old blues musician, Kitchener's Jason Walsh is used to the inevitable question about his age. He's heard it time and again - sometimes from doubting club owners (and journalists) who wonder what the heck a middle-class kid like him could possibly know about singin' (and playing) the blues.


CKMS-FM Top 50 for February 2000
Stone Prophets number one at CKMS-FM
March, 2000

1 * The Stone Prophets S/T Independent
2 * The Nihilist Spasm Band Live On CKMS Nov. 5, 1999. Rad. Wat.
3 * B'ehl Bright Eyes Endearing
4 * Fembots Mucho Cuidado Junkshop
5 * Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Ninja Tune

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