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me For the most part, web biographies are pretty boring, so I'll try to keep it brief. So to keep things a little more interesting, I'm not going to write paragraph after paragraph about who I am or what I have done, but instead I will simply list some of the things about me that some of you may find interesting. There is a picture of me on the right for those of you that are interested. So here goes...

Things about me:

  • born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • left Quebec when I was 25 to live in Ontario
  • first passion: photography
  • first computer: Tandy Color Computer 2 (Coco 2) in 1983
  • programming ever since that computer
  • I really like to keep things simple
  • I hate mustard, relish and mayo
  • current passions: web design, computer programming, woodworking
  • had three very different careers; photo-lab manager to marketing manager to home inspector
  • sold my first application on the internet (compuserve) in 1991
  • currently live in a small beach town in lovely southwestern ontario
  • have two kids; now adults
  • kidmoses was a name i came up with for my son's band years ago; he never liked it so I use it
  • love to travel and dine out, but who doesn't
  • wanted to be an astronomer when I was very young
  • always been interested in how things work
  • my parents were born on the same day, different year; when I was younger I though everyone's parents had the same birthday
  • majored in mathematics; thought about a career in teaching
  • my father was a seaman; I never owned a boat but want to learn to sail next summer
  • most memorable advice from a mentor; don't come to me with problems... only solutions!
  • believe people should always give back
  • this website is a compilation of thoughts, things I do, things I like and are interesting to me
  • reason for this website: just because I can

Kinda boring. But thanks for visiting anyways.

Howard Walsh | (aka : KidMoses)




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