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FREE SMTP Relay Servers

Do you need an SMTP relay server? Maybe not. For most people the SMTP server that comes with an ISP package works just fine. However, if your ISP blocks port 25, or you have a lot of emails you want to sent (ie: newsletters) then perhaps you could use the services of a relay server. Recently, I was searching online for just such a service for my son. He has a mailing list of about 5,000 but hasn't sent many newsletters lately because GMail will shut him down. Many people don't know it, but most ISP services and hosting services have a limit of about 200 - 250 emails that you can send in one day. Furthermore, it is often broken down in to how many you can send in an hour. Cross the limit and you will be shut down.

While searching for a relatively inexpensive alternative to authSMTP, I cam across two relatively new services ofter a FREE or NEARLY FREE service. And, unlike a service such as MailChimp, which has a free version, you can send newsletters and transactional email through them. A transactional email is really just anything other than a newsletter campaign.A great advantage of using these two services for all your outgoing email, is that you can track when your emails are opened.

The two services I found are: MailJet and Elastic Email. MailJet has a free service of 6,000 emails per month, but not more than 200 emails per day. Elastic Email has a per email charge of $0.001 per email. Great for newsletters if you have a small mailing list. Send a 1,000 emails for a buck.

All in one email solution.An undelivered email is a lost prospect. 20% don't reach their recipient. Send both your transactional (website) and marketing (newsletter) emails with a 3 minutes SMTP set-up. Increase your deliverability and optimize your IP reputation in real time.

Affordable & scalable, our solution doesn't require HTML or other technical skills.

Be sure each email from your website gets maximum chances to reach the Inbox. ISP rules (DKIM signatures, ...) and recommendations change frequently. We manage this for you, and more: we monitor your campaigns and IP address reputation dynamically to ensure maximum deliverability.

Read more about MailJet...

Elastic Email
Elastic Email is a simple, fast email delivery service for your cloud application. No monthly committments, no minimums, no limits. Just pay for what you use at $0.001 / email or less. Elastic Email is designed as an SMTP relay for reliable delivery of bulk email marketing or single recipient transactional emails with detailed delivery statistics.

Elastic email makes email sending easier for both the developer and business manager of a cloud application. Several cloud application hosting platforms do not provide an email delivery service and may even set limits on your email sending. Elastic Email provides direct email sending through standard SMTP or a simple REST API.

This means, instead of having to setup and configure an SMTP email server or service of your own you can begin sending email immediately, without worry, using the SMTP configuration for our mail servers or one of the code samples found in our API Documentation.

We have tried to make email sending as easy and painless as possible and we've priced our product to make it cost effective for you. 

Read more about Elastic-Email...

Sign up for both. I did. I use MailJet for transactional emails and Elastic-Email for newsletters. Elastic-Email has a limit of 100 emails a day to start, but if you ask nicely, they will lift the limit.


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anonymous said:

Thursday, May 31, 2021

I am in a country in West Africa called Ghana, i have been doing email marketing for some time now. One challenge I have not being able to overcome is getting an ISP with a free port to send to my list of about 20,000. If you have used any of these providers and you honestly think they can be helpful please give me an honest review so I can also try them. My email is Hoping to hear from you. God bless you. Nat

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