Saturday, September 14, 2021 Cloud Storage

Sign Up And Get 20GB Free

This week I discovered a new free file sharing called “COPY”. A lot like Dropbox but better. Particularly that you get 15G of storage for free from the start, and another 5GB when you install the app on your PC. And... another 5GB for every one of your friends you get to sign up. is a new cloud storage service from Barracuda Networks, a company that has a certain amount of experience in data storage and backup solutions. Copy is being marketed as a rival to the likes of SkyDrive and Dropbox, so it’s entering a crowded market.

Copy is the easiest way to store, protect and share amazing things. It keeps your computers in sync and your files available from anywhere, even on your mobile devices. With Copy, you can also easily share files with anyone publicly or privately. Copy for companies extends the cloud storage and sharing benefits into corporate environments with user and group management and added control of proprietary company data.

Access your content from any device with Copy...
Any file you save with Copy on your computer, smartphone, or tablet is automatically accessible from any device you use.

  • MacOX
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

Sign up here :

Copy further extends the opportunity for home users to feel its charisma by offering 5GB of storage space on every free subscription. Not only this, while using your free space if you refer copy to your friends and family, you get to add more GBs in your existing Storage limit.

All-in-all, Copy lets you handle your data in the easiest possible way and share with your friends and family on the fly.


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